Summer is supposed to be a season of love and fun, not worrying and boredom. This summer, we’re going to help you get your groove back, by teaching you what to do to embrace your hair, its natural texture, and the many things you can do with it. You can forget all about chemicals and heavy product use. Instead, focus on you: try out various accessories and styles that bring sexy back. Call your girlfriends over for a massage party and let your hair down – metaphorically speaking, and not only! Here are five tips to help you fall back in love with your natural hair this summer.

#1 Knot it at the top

It’s summer, who wants to worry about doing their hair up in a complicated style, right? The best way to deal with this, as well as to enjoy the added perk of bringing out your cheekbone structure is by putting up your hair in a topknot. It keeps you cool, since it removes the hair from your neck and shoulders and it’s as non-fussy as hairstyles come.

#2 Do the twist

Sure, braids look great, but an even simpler and just as effective way to revive dull hair is to do it up in twists. Check out one of the many great tutorials online, the add a touch of dreamy, romantic flair to your hairstyle with twists.

#3 Kick it with the girlfriends

Pajama party? Check! Massage for your hair? Double check! All your favorite gal pals? Triple check! This summer, try out Dove’s Elixir Dryness Care for an evening of fun, chats, and hair massage at home. The product’s natural olive oil and lavender combo is going to help you unwind like nothing else (save, perhaps, for a good glass of wine).

#4 Get funky

There’s nothing funkier and trendier this summer than sporting accessories in your hair. Try embellished hair clips, romantic ribbons, pretty hairbands, bows, feathers, or whatever else. They look great, remove hair from your neck, deal with summer’s unavoidable frizziness and stickiness due to perspiration, and no one will ever know if you have bad hair day.

#5 Go undercover

Head covers such as scarves and hats are great in summer, as they fend off pollution, dust, and excessive hot temperatures. They’re also a good way to deal with the frizziness that traveling often involves.