LACE WIGS in Miami

WIGS & INTEGRATION TOP PIECES by Anastasia Molchanov Hair Salon

We understand the trauma of total or near-total hair loss due to medical conditions or medical treatments. We really want to help, and we are happy to offer solutions to your problem. Offered at our Salon is a completely private room ready for your special needs.

Lace-Front Wigs
These are the wigs used in films because even the hairline looks completely natural. Lace-front wigs are more comfortable to wear than hard-front wigs and far more versatile. A French front-lace wig may be worn in any number of styles (even ponytails or chignons) and parted in any direction with an astonishingly natural scalp appearance. A good quality lace-front wig will last a lifetime with proper maintenance and minor repairs and we are able to re-color and
re-style it to suit your taste. It’s the optimum solution for alopecia (baldness,) chemotherapy patients or severely thinned or patchy hair.

Integration Top Pieces
These may be the perfect solution for bald patches, very fine or very thin hair where a wig is not required. Light and airy to wear, integration pieces have a pull-through base that integrates perfectly with your own hair. The base has flexible construction so that the piece may be easily worn in front or on the crown. We can re-style and re-color an integration piece so that it blends perfectly with your own hair and it will be completely undetectable.