Trichotillomania (also known as “trichotillosis”) is the urge to pull out one’s own hair – leading to noticeable hair loss. It is often chronic, caused by stress and difficult to treat with a peak age of onset between 9 and 13 years old.

Fortunately, there is help. Anastasia Molchanov Salon helps sufferers of Trichotillomania and thin hair still get the beautiful full hairstyle they love.

The Hairdreams Volume System is a fantastic alternative to wearing a wig. It includes two parts, the hair extensions and what is called an “integration piece”.

It’s almost like a toupee top piece that goes on the client’s head. It’s slightly round or kind of oval shaped, but more round. It has a keratin ring around the edges of it, and in the middle it’s perforated, but it’s completely flexible. So the hair extensions are hand-tied onto the integration piece, and then we use the ring on the exterior to move the client’s hair through almost like crocheting all the way around it, and then that’s how it’s attached on their head. It lays completely flat on their head and then through the perforations you use a crochet hook to integrate and pull their hair through.

It’s more comfortable, more breathable and better for hot climates than a wig could ever be. It’s almost completely weightless and some of our clients have been reusing the same piece for up to six years.

Once we put the piece on for them it’s completely invisible. Due to the way we style it and cut it, it can be short, it can be long. You can have side clippings, straight forward styles or you can even wear your hair down the middle.

As your hair grows where the piece is attached to, you would come back after about 6 to 8 weeks and we take the piece off, wash it, shampoo it, put a new ring on and then we’d reattach it.

With the Trichotillomania clients in particular, it’s truly beneficial for them, because the majority of the Trichotillosis clients tend to pull from the top of their head, or from slightly off-centered, which is why they become so self-conscious about it. And because this piece is made to go on the top of your head and it is literally attached to your head super-tight, they can’t get their hands under there, they can’t pull their hair. And their hair winds up growing back.

Because their hair is protected underneath the integration micro line they can’t get to their hair to pull it. And then of course, due to the investment they’ve made on the piece, they are always are saying to us, “Now, I want to go pull in a different area on my head, but since I’ve spent this amount of money on my hair to try to fix this problem, I’ve stopped pulling entirely because I am conscious of it, instead of just sub-consciously doing it like I was in the past.

Everyone adores it, the Trichotillomania clients in particular. They are either pulling less than they ever were or they completely stop altogether. And then the clients that don’t have Trich, that are actually doing it for the hair thickening aspect of it, of course, they adore it because it’s giving them confidence and making them look more beautiful, too.

They can swim in a pool if they want to. They can shampoo it daily. They can blow dry their hair, as normal. So they can curl it. They can color it. In fact, we usually color almost all of them that come into the salon. It’s 100% human, European hair.

The styling options are pretty much endless.

Women that just have natural hair thinning problems, can also benefit from the piece. We have many clients that don’t have Trichotillomania problems but their hair is thinning and it’s never going to grow back the same way that it was when you were 30-something. So this gives them that confidence back. It gives them the hair back that they’ll never get again.

There is really no specific age group that has this done. There are a lot of different types: executives, professionals, older women, younger women, we get a lot of 20-something year olds, young girls that model and want gorgeous fuller hair. It can help any women look more beautiful.

The first step is to call us at: (305) 756-7755 and come in for a free confidential consultation. We will talk to you about the integration piece. Show you one in person. Show you photographs of how it works, and then we pick out the color for your hair from our swatch ring and we actually order the integration piece in the color that you need. It usually comes the next day, overnight.

Anastasia Molchanov Salon is pretty private in general, but we also have individual rooms for women that want a 100% discreet comfortable experience.