Kim Kardashian BlondeHair extensions have been a popular trend in Miami, FL for the better part of a decade now and they have seen both their share of detractors, as well as a lot of support, from men and women alike. Some have argued that hair extensions will add extra pressure to a woman’s hair, causing it to break more easily, yet case studies from various extension professionals in the United States indicate that the contrary may very well be truer.

Not to mention the fact that hair weaves are made entirely out of natural human hair, collected from volunteer donors. Specific stories aside, there also exist some very particular reasons for which any woman should consider getting extensions, for a quick solution to longer hair.

  • Men like long hair. On the one hand, a scientific study has proven that women with longer hair may actually display more elevated levels of pheromones, which explains their boost in attractiveness. And, when recently asked within a survey conducted across numerous men’s magazines, 88 per cent of men said they preferred women with long hair. Only 8 per cent like short-haired women and 4 per cent express no preference whatsoever.
  • Extensions cure thinning hair. While they are a cosmetic type of treatment and not a medical one per se, it’s important to note that hair extension help countless women with thinning hair deal with their issues each year. They add volume and structure, make hair more manageable, and are a cost-effective solution for such issues. According to the most recent estimates, out of over 150,000,000 women currently living in the United States, 30 million suffer from thinning hair. The percentage of women who have not been clinically diagnosed with alopecia, but are still seeking treatment for dull, flat, lifeless, or thin hair is far greater than this, even.
  • Extensions are versatile. Women change their hairstyle and hair color very often, according to a British survey, conducted in 2010. The poll found that women will change their hairstyle over one hundred times, from the age of 18 to 65. Most women do so in order to boost their confidence levels, and one third of the women polled admitted to changing their hairstyle after the end of a romantic relationship. That being said, upkeep and daily styling needs can take up quite a lot of time, effort, and money. Hair extension eliminate these hassles, as they can be clipped on and off in a matter of mere minutes.
  • Extensions for instant color. The same poll also explains that most women (56 per cent) like dark brown hair best, with honey blonde coming in as a second favorite. This, of course, will lead women with greying hair, or with other colors of mane, to want to dye theirs to match their preferences. Most women will try three different colors within their lifestyle, while a quarter of them will experiment with five shades. While dying and highlighting can truly change a person’s appearance in dramatic ways, it can also severely damage one’s hair, especially when done repeatedly, over short periods of time. Hair extensions help women avoid making their hair look dull, brittle, and dry because of too much dye.
  • Extensions save you from disaster. Finally, the very same poll says three quarters of the 6,000 women interviewed have experienced at least one major hairstyle disaster during their lifestyle. Hair extensions are probably the simplest and safest way to experiment with a wide range of styles, from the edgy and glam, to the elegant and sophisticated. And if you’re not entirely happy with the result, at least you don’t have to wait forever to undo the damage to your hair.

As most women will tell you, their main source for inspiration, when it comes to all things style and trends, comes from today’s hottest stars and celebs – the gorgeous women on the covers of magazines and on TV shows. Be they the Kardashians, Britney Spears, or Fergie, women love stars who experiment boldly with their hairstyle and prove a constant source of inspiration for others. That’s why we’re taking a look at two of the coolest, edgiest, and most attractive female stars out there: pop superstar Rihanna and supermodel Karlie Kloss. Let’s see what makes them such hair celebs.

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