Getting hair extensions is a major decision, since most women want them to look as well and last as long as possible and since the stylist is going to be handling both the installation, as well as the maintenance of the extensions. Then, when deciding upon a stylist for hair extensions, potential clients also look for experience, practical skills, and affordability. Sounds like Mission Impossible? It’s not, if you consider the 3 tips our experts have listed here for your assistance.
Ask around
What’s the best kind of publicity? The one that doesn’t cost a dime, and that goes both for the service provider, as well as for the client. In a nutshell, there’s nothing quite like word of mouth and personal recommendations when trying to find the best stylist for hair extensions. Ask around, especially if you’ve got friends with great hairstyling, similar hair types, or extensions. Get the name and credentials of their stylist. Alternatively, if you’re strapped for time, have recently moved to a new town, or don’t have any such friends, you can always use our website to decide on the quality of our services.
Ask about training
Now, a hairstylist may be greatly skilled at their job, but not necessarily so when it comes to hair extensions. Extensions are not covered by most cosmetology licenses, but require a separate kind of certification. Make sure your stylist holds such a certificate and/or prior experience in installing and maintaining extensions.
Ask about pricing
Yes, cost does make a difference – you wouldn’t want to realize you can’t afford your stylist’s services half-way through getting your extensions installed. So ask for an estimate before you go in for an appointment. The most accurate estimates are based on a face-to-face consultation, but you can also get an approximate figure even based on a phone conversation. Asking about prices is perfectly legitimate, especially since extensions do represent a bit of an investment.

We’re sure you’re going to find just the right extension hair stylist for your needs. Simply follow our advice and tap into the diverse pool of stylists out there!