It might seem like an unattainable goal on first glance – making your hair extensions look like natural hair. It is, however, not at all that complicated. And, after all, why do women get hair extensions, if not to make them look just like the hair they grow naturally? No bonds, clips, taping, or beads should be noticeable in plain sight, yet at times it might seem difficult to conceal them successfully, while also maintaining one’s own sense of style. That’s why we’re bringing you 10 pro tips on how to make hair extensions look as natural as possible.

  • When you get the hair extensions installed, make sure there is at least a 1 inch wide area of natural hair visible, all around the crown of the head. Your natural hair will come in handy when trying to tie your hair back into a ponytail, as it will efficiently conceal the attachment points for your extensions.
  • Match, rather than mix. We’re talking about beads, bonds, and hair extension color: they should all match your natural color as closely as possible – except, of course, in the event in which you’re trying to create a highlighted look with your extensions (which is perfectly acceptable). Your stylist should be up to speed on all the best methods for getting an exact color match.
  • Make sure your beads and bonds don’t go any higher than the horseshoe area of your head, or else they’ll stick through your hair. The higher the hair, the finer it is and the less likely it is to cover your beads and bonds.
  • You should have thick, strong, and healthy enough hair as to support your extensions. Fine or thin hair will not be able to support and hide them, and it also stands to be damaged by the hair extensions.
  • Make sure you’re getting touchups as often as you need to. Most women will require having their bonds tightened and moved further up every other couple of weeks, so consult with your hairstylist. Of course, the frequency of maintenance works depends on the speed at which your hair grows, as well as on the particular type of extensions and hair you have. At any time you feel your extensions have slipped too down low on the head, check with your stylist in order to have them tightened.
  • Brush your extensions three times per day and use a bristle brush with a soft touch. This will keep your extensions from becoming tangled, or matted. A messy head of hair will betray extensions and it will also reduce their lifespan – not to mention it’s not a flattering look to anyone.
  • Don’t overdo it… unless you can handle it. Extremely long extensions will be noticed, if you have them installed all at once. You can’t possibly grow several inches of hair overnight. If you’re comfortable with such a look and the attention it will receive, then go with it, but prepare to answer some questions – as well as to receive some compliments.