Getting hair extensions is a major decision, since it has to do with styling, it’s an intervention that should last for a long time, and it comes with a significant price tag. However, many find that if they go into the consultation with their stylist knowing what to ask and what to expect, the odds of having the meeting turn out great are highly increased. That’s why we’re bringing you tested and true tips and answers to frequently asked questions from the Anastasia Molchanov Hair Salon Miami.

Dos and Don’t’s for Hair Extension Consultations

DO be honest and upfront with your hairstylist. Let them in on your lifestyle, history of hair styles and colors, and whether or not you are taking any medical treatment. Based on this information, your hairstylist will be able to tailor their recommendations of hair extension types to specifically suit your needs.
DON’T dye your hair after the hair extension consultation. You want your hairstylist to know the exact hair color they are going to be working with, so they can match your long-term color with the hair swatches they have at their disposal. Even if you choose to highlight your hair subtly or make it a slightly darker hue, there is going to be a notable difference between your natural hair and the extensions, so plan on going to the appointment with the hair color you’re going to be having for the long-term.
DO write down your stylist’s advice. There is absolutely no shame in bringing in a pencil and some paper and writing down what they’re telling you – and this is especially useful if you’ve never had extensions before. Your stylist will be giving you tips on washing and brushing, recommendations on the kind of hair care products you need to use, as well as setting up a schedule for maintenance appointments after the extensions have been installed. You are going to want to remember all this information.
DON’T come to the appointment wearing a complex hairstyle if you don’t want it taken apart. During the consultation, your hairstylist is going to want to get a feel of your hair, in order to examine its texture and thickness, as well as the state of your roots and tips, so the hairdo will clearly not survive the session.
DON’T get impatient. It will take about one to two weeks between your consultation to the appointment during which you actually have the extensions put in. In the meantime, it’s likely that your hairstylist is going to have to order the extensions and wait for them to arrive at the salon. Some, but not many salons do have hair extensions stored at their facilities and can have them installed on the spot.
DO ask questions and do expect your stylist to have some questions of their own. At the end of the appointment, you should be left with the feeling that you know all you need to and that you’re excited about getting extensions – and happy with your choice of extension type and extension stylist.