RihannaThere is little that Rihanna hasn’t tried out, when it comes to her hair color, style, and length. She’s sported the side shave, edgy bobs, blond curls, spikes, and has now gone somewhat classically sexy, with a mane of locks in a soft foxy tone that blends red and caramel.

So how does she pull everything off, without completely nuking her hair? With the help of an awesome stylist of course. This is what her personal hairstylist Yusef Williams does, in order to make sure Rihanna’s locks always look perfect.

  • He works together with the star in deciding her next look. While Williams has the final say, Rihanna’s spontaneity is always a major factor in determining what her upcoming ‘do will look like.
  • He only uses natural hair extensions, because they look best, are easy to dye, and will not damage her hair. They are also accessible and easy to work with.
  • For RiRi’s current style, Williams works on dry hair and applies heat-protective spray, in order to make it shimmer without greasing it up. He then does a wrap curl around a curling iron (1 ½ inches in length), which will yield an S-wave. He then brushes it, applies texturizer—and that’s it! Precious little products, for a sultry, natural, and affordable look inspired by the moment’s sexiest singer.