Karlie KlossKarlie Kloss is one of the hottest models currently working for Victoria’s Secret. The 20 year-old boasts an impeccable body, fit for the Angel label that working with the lingerie brand will peg on models. She’s got it all, from the tanned skin, to the interminable legs, to the shimmery, healthy hair. Yet she caused a major controversy with her decision to cut off most of her hair. While Victoria’s Secret supported her decision and look change, fans were largely dismayed.

Kloss may be the first Angel to wear her hair short in an ad for Victoria’s Secret, but she’s definitely not the first super-model to trim her locks to extremely short lengths. Thinking back on the days of the supermodels (early to mid ‘90s), one recalls an entire host of impossibly beautiful women with edgy, chic, and sexy short hairdos (Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, and Milla Jovovich, to name but a few).

Some fashion bloggers have been very vocal in expressing their disagreement with Kloss’s new ‘do, a short bob, down to her chin, with a modern fringe. They even went as far as to deem her unattractive for Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy” campaign. Others argued that she is simply a victim of societal standards, which associate female attractiveness with long hair.

The bottom line? Kloss herself acknowledged she may have been rash in cutting her hair right before a major runway show – she ended up wearing hair extensions. And while no one is truly questioning her attractiveness, it’s true that she is challenging the ultra-feminine image projected by Victoria’s Secret models. Luckily, hair weaves saved the day for her (and possibly her modeling career, too), while allowing her to look great in two completely different styles.