I had a baby 2 years ago and prior to that I was dying my hair from brunette to blonde quite often. Recently my hair has started thinning and looking noticeably thinner. I just started using INVATI by Aveda. Its a 3 step process and it has shown some improvement however not sure its going to last forever. I’ve taken Biotin in the past with minimal results. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!


Having a baby and coloring or lightening can take a toll on the health of your hair. If your hair is drastically thinning, I would ask that you consider talking to your doctor about thyroid or hormone testing. Hormones levels can vary drastically after having a baby, possibly causing hair loss.

If you and your doctor have already ruled out hormones and/or thyroid as a cause, I would suggest pre-natal vitamins, available over-the-counter from any reputable drug store. Many clients of my Salon use these are on a daily basis to nourish their skin and hair. It really does help.

We also suggest a product called Spectral RS. You can visit the manufacturer of this product  at We have found this product to be a great aid in helping our clients achieve added hair growth.