We’ve prepared a list of 6 useful questions to ask your stylist, in order to make sure that they are the best choice for you. They should be able to answer them promptly, upfront, and without any uncertainties.

  1. Do you have a certificate for hair extensions?
  2. Since the basic cosmetology programs don’t cover hair extensions specifically, not all stylists are certified to have hair extensions installed. The top hair extension brands do offer certificates, which beauticians can receive after completing a course of formal training in extension types and techniques.

  3. What’s your previous experience with hair extensions?
  4. While a hair extension certificate is important, it’s not the sole criterion in determining your hair stylist’s skill in the installment and maintenance of extensions. Asking them about previous experience with hair extensions is a legitimate question, so before you decide whether or not you want to work with a particular stylist, you can always ask to see some before and after pictures of their previous extension clients.

  5. What hair care solutions do you recommend for me?
  6. Caring for hair extensions is an experience that should be tailored to each client. Aside from the generic hair care recommendations your stylist is going to make, ask them for specific products, tools, and brushes that you should either use or steer clear of.

  7. What are your hair extension fees?
  8. It’s important to understand that it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of a hair extension procedure without a consultation in person. Fees on having extensions installed differ greatly, because of the wide range of differences between clients, their needs, their hair styles, etc.. However, after you’ve been through the initial consultation, your hairstylist should be able to provide an upfront cost estimate, as well as tell you how much hair you’re going to require and how long the procedures are going to take. Bear in mind that some salons ask for an advance payment, which you should be able to provide.

  9. What kind of hair extensions should I get?
  10. This is probably the most important question you can and need to ask your stylist during the consultation, because, right then and there, as you are sitting in their chair, they can get the best idea about what your hair feels like, what texture it has, and what type of extensions would be best suited for it.

  11. How often will my hair extensions require maintenance work?
  12. Touch-ups and maintenance for hair extensions can take up some time, depending on your type of hair and of extensions. Before you can commit to the work that will give you the best, healthiest, and most beautiful hair extensions possible, you should full well know what you are committing to.