Now that you’ve enhanced your hair with all that extra mass and length you’d been dreaming of since forever, it’s time you learn a bit about how to provide your hair extensions with the exact kind of loving care they need. The better you care for them, the longer you are going to be able to enjoy it – so think of this article as a lesson and an investment toward the future of your appeal. Taking proper care of hair extensions isn’t rocket science: simply follow our six professional tips from Anastasia Molchanov Hair Salon Miami and you’ll be set for a long time now!

  • Use a special brush

Hair extension brushes are especially devised to provide the best care for your extensions. The brush won’t tangle your hair, it won’t pull on your application points, and it will help keep the extensions smooth and easy to style.

  • Careful with the water

Extensions can survive contact with regular bath water just fine, but you should keep them out of the ocean and the pool. Ocean water contains salt, while the water in pools is usually chlorinated. Both these substances are just as damaging for extensions as they are for regular hair. The same goes for hard water, or water that’s rich in minerals, which can negatively affect both the quality of your hair, as well as the strength of the bonds. Additionally, make sure you’re not over-washing your hair. Reduce the frequency with which you wash your extensions and do not, under any circumstances, sleep with your hair wet. Dry your extensions thoroughly and tie them up in a ponytail (a loose one, so that your natural hair can breathe), or a braid.

  • Style intelligently

You can use hair oil and/or hairspray on extensions, but make sure it doesn’t come into contact with the application points and bonds. Apply them from the midpoint of the extension, down to the tips. Hair extensions can end up feeling dry, so use leave-in conditioner and any other form of hair hydration you would normally use. Dry shampoo is also a good method for reducing the natural oils that your scalp produces – you want to use this, as oily application points can come undone. To boot, dry shampoo will help make your hair clean and smooth. Mechanical heat, such as the one from hair driers or curlers, should be avoided, as it will damage extensions just as much as it would natural hair. Use a protective substance against heat and also avoid chemicals – the kind contained in hair highlighting, straightening, and curling products.

  • Care for your extensions every day

The proper way to brush hair extensions is by doing it 2-3 times a day, on dry hair. Ideally, you should brush your extensions right before you shower, or before your hair has gotten wet. Get a firm grasp over your hair roots with one hand. Use the other hand to softly brush the extensions in a downward movement. Make sure you don’t damage or undo the bonds of the hair extensions.