Q: I’ve been thinking about extensions for a long time. I’ve heard they can damage my hair. What’s the truth?

Michelle, K.
Miami Beach, FL

A: Dear Michelle…

Extensions installed correctly, maintained and removed properly, cause little to minimal damage. You could compare it to getting highlights. Also, choosing the proper extension for your hair type is of utmost importance to prevent damage. There are some very important rules to follow.

  1. Always make sure you consult with a state licensed professional who is CERTIFIED by the hair extension manufacturer.
  2. Be very careful of on-line “stylists” who come to your home. The chances of finding these “stylists” to properly maintain your extensions after they are installed is slim-to-none.

When someone calls our salon in regards to extensions, we urge them to come for a free consultation. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding what type of extension works best for you.

A. What is your natural hair type… long, short, thin, silky, coarse?
B. Why do you want extensions? Do you want volume? Do you want length? Are you trying to add to hair that might have been lost due to stress, medications, or natural hereditary causes? Or do you want to use the extension to add color and fun?
C. What is your lifestyle? Do you have an active lifestyle which may include going to the gym, swimming, or sports?
D. What is your budget?

There is truly an extension out there that suits everyone. Just follow the guidelines above.

– Anastasia