Having great hair this summer should become a priority, especially since it’s so easy to keep yours looking luxuriant and healthful. Simply follow the advice below, which we amassed from some of the best hair experts online.

The Three Different Types of Hair

Greasy hair

All hair produces a natural coating of oil, which helps it preserve its health by protecting it. However, excessively oily hair looks dirty and poorly maintained. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there nowadays, in terms of shampoo that you’re able to find a brand which will even out the pH level in your scalp. If your hair is naturally oily, we recommend you condition it with shampoo for normal hair types, to balance the effects of the shampoo, but also to keep your scalp clean by washing it more often than someone with normal hair.

Dry hair

If your hair is naturally dry, you need to avoid all the things that might dry it out even more, such as heat exposure (dryers, curling and straightening irons). Then, you need to use moisturizing shampoos and treat your hair with keratin, which will soften it up and make it easier to manage. Also, it’s a good idea to look into hair spas and deep conditioning for your dry hair.

Mixed hair types

Sometimes, you get the worst of both worlds: a dry scalp with greasy hair shafts. Thankfully, we now have shampoos that address this kind of situation and even out the scalp’s pH levels. It’s not recommended to use normal shampoos, as they can degrease your hair… but also make your hair even drier.

Other Hair Issues

Is your hair thinning?

If your hair appears excessively brittle and fine, don’t grow it too long. Use volumizing shampoo and never apply conditioner to your scalp, as it will only make it more vulnerable. For thinning hair in particular, conditioner only goes onto the length and tips of the hair.

Should you change your shampoo?

Ever heard that nugget of popular wisdom which says you need to change your shampoo often? It’s false. Shampoos only need to be changed if you notice they’ve altered the density, texture, and strength of your hair. To mix things up, use clarifying (or cleansing) shampoo each month – it will help you get rid of the accumulated dried up shampoo on your scalp.