Hair loss or thinning hair is every woman’s nightmare, but there are wonderful remedies available. Choosing the right one for your particular needs however, is not a simple matter. It’s definitely not a do-it-yourself project…you need top professional guidance.

Hair Extensions MiamiThe most popular method for making hair look fuller and longer is hair extensions. Thousands of successful women with no hair loss use hair extensions to achieve a glamorous, outstanding celebrity look. There are different methods of applying the hair extensions to your own hair, but it’s very important to be aware that improper installation can seriously damage your natural
hair. You must have professionals, like our staff, take care of you.

On A Budget?

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At the Anastasia Molchanov Salon, we use Hairdreams, Dreamcatchers and Hotheads, the finest quality human hair in the market, and we are fully certified by each company in the application of their products. Below is a short primer on the brands of hair extensions we offer. A personal, free consultation with Anastasia or any of our knowledgeable staff members, will help you decide upon the perfect choice for your hair and your budget.

We offer the highest quality real human hair extensions in Miami:

HAIRDREAMS Hair Extensions – The Fusion (Bond) Method
DREAMCATCHERS Hair Extensions – The Lock (Micro link) Method
HOTHEADS Hair Extensions – The Tape (Flat) Method