The short answer is “yes!” That’s because we, at Anastasia Molchanov Hair Salon Miami only use hair extensions that are 100 per cent natural and entirely made of genuine human hair. This means that curling irons and other similar tools, which use mechanical heat to curl your hair, are going to work just fine on your extensions as well. However, there’s a right way to curl extensions and a wrong one. Here are our professional tips on the best ways to curl hair extensions.

  • Take the heat down and protect your hair. It doesn’t actually matter if you’re curling hair extensions or natural hair. The best way to do it is by making sure your hair doesn’t get damaged in the process. So use curling or flat irons with the heat set to low and always apply heat protective spray before use. This way, your hair is not going to break in the process, or suffer any kind of damage.
  • Careful with the bonds. This is especially important if you are wearing Fusion or Tape-In extensions. Mechanical heat can cause the bonds to become soft and loosen up, so avoid using the heat tool too close to them.
  • Clip-In hair extensions require special treatment. Clip-Ins are best curled after they’ve been washed and moisturized with a dedicated product. Then, you can roll them up into Velcro hair curlers, allow them to dry until the following day, and unroll them after they have completely dried out. You can then attach them back on – now in curly form!
  • You can get permanent curls. You can use foam curlers on hair extensions just like you would on your natural hair. Apply them on damp hair (not soaking wet, as this might take far too long for them to dry, but rather when the hair is just about almost dry) and work in your natural hair, too. Take the curlers off the next day and style your newly curled hair extensions any way you want to!
  • Use no-heat curling products and tools. This is actually a preferred way of going about it, since heat tools can damage extensions by drying them out excessively. This method might produce shorter-lived results, but it’s great for days when you don’t have too much time to worry about your hairstyling.