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How to Care for Your Hair Extensions: 4 Pro Tips

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Now that you’ve enhanced your hair with all that extra mass and length you’d been dreaming of since forever, it’s time you learn a bit about how to provide your hair extensions with the exact kind of loving care they need. The better you care for them, the longer you are going to be able… Read more »

Can I Curl My Hair Extensions?

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The short answer is “yes!” That’s because we, at Anastasia Molchanov Hair Salon Miami only use hair extensions that are 100 per cent natural and entirely made of genuine human hair. This means that curling irons and other similar tools, which use mechanical heat to curl your hair, are going to work just fine on… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions… for Your Hairstylist

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We’ve prepared a list of 6 useful questions to ask your stylist, in order to make sure that they are the best choice for you. They should be able to answer them promptly, upfront, and without any uncertainties. Do you have a certificate for hair extensions? Since the basic cosmetology programs don’t cover hair extensions… Read more »

How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

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It might seem like an unattainable goal on first glance – making your hair extensions look like natural hair. It is, however, not at all that complicated. And, after all, why do women get hair extensions, if not to make them look just like the hair they grow naturally? No bonds, clips, taping, or beads… Read more »

RiRi, The Hair Chameleon

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There is little that Rihanna hasn’t tried out, when it comes to her hair color, style, and length. She’s sported the side shave, edgy bobs, blond curls, spikes, and has now gone somewhat classically sexy, with a mane of locks in a soft foxy tone that blends red and caramel. So how does she pull… Read more »

Karlie Kloss, The Groundbreaker

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Karlie Kloss is one of the hottest models currently working for Victoria’s Secret. The 20 year-old boasts an impeccable body, fit for the Angel label that working with the lingerie brand will peg on models. She’s got it all, from the tanned skin, to the interminable legs, to the shimmery, healthy hair. Yet she caused… Read more »

What is the truth about hair extensions causing damage to my hair?

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Q: I’ve been thinking about extensions for a long time. I’ve heard they can damage my hair. What’s the truth? Michelle, K. Miami Beach, FL A: Dear Michelle… Extensions installed correctly, maintained and removed properly, cause little to minimal damage. You could compare it to getting highlights. Also, choosing the proper extension for your hair… Read more »

Are there any options other than wigs for top balding or hair pulling?

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YES!  One of our most used methods for balding or hair pulling is an integration top piece. There are three methods of applying these various top pieces: Fusion – such as fusion extensions. Taping – just like tape-in or flat method hair extensions. Clip ons. No matter what type of installation method being used, all… Read more »

How much do hair extensions cost?

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Extension prices vary according to quality, length,  installation method and how much hair is needed for the desired look. At the Anastasia Molchanov Salon we understand that not everyone is on a celebrity budget. This is why we have a multitude of quality human hair extension brands and methods to choose from.  There is a… Read more »

How long will my extensions last?

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There are many factors. First you want to get the best extensions, and use the right products so they will last longer. Fusion extensions last around 3 – 5 months depending on the person and rate of hair growth.They are not reuse fusion  extensions. Flat method or tape-in extensions can last up to 1 year…. Read more »

Can I swim in the pool or ocean with extensions?

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You may swim with your extensions in. Braiding or putting your hair in a bun is encouraged while swimming. We suggest before swimming, to spray your hair with a leave- in conditioner prior going in the water. This practice keeps the hair hydrated and prevents chemicals from absorbing into the hair shaft. We also encourage… Read more »

Can I brush, curl, flat iron and blow dry my extensions?

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Absolutely! With quality human hair extensions you can curl, flat iron and blow dry the extensions as often as you want. Brushing is highly encouraged at least twice a day to keep them tangle free. However, with inexpensive synthetic hair or synthetic/human hair blends (which are often sold over-the-counter in beauty supply stores,) we highly… Read more »

How much hair do I need?

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This varies from person-to-person based on how thick or thin your natural hair is, your desired look, where the hair is being placed, head size, what method is being done, style, cut etc., etc.  An in-person consultation is the best way to decide this. There is never a charge for consultations at the Anastasia Molchanov… Read more »

Will extensions damage my natural hair?

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This is a frequent and valid concern. There are three important steps in having minimal or NO damage to your hair. The integrity of your natural hair is always the most important. First proper installation is crucial. This is why you always want a LICENSED and CERTIFIED professional to do your extensions. Second is proper… Read more »

What type of extension is right for me?

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There are two factors that can answer this question. The first factor is your lifestyle and the second being budget. There are hair extensions products for each and every individual’s lifestyle and budget. This is why the Anastasia Molchanov Salon is CERTIFIED in many various brands and methods of hair extension installation.

Are extensions right for me?

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Women wear extensions for a variety of reasons… whether it’s because of thinning hair due to medical or nutritional issues or just simply wanting glamorous hair. Extensions can add volume and length in addition to help disguise problem areas.

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